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Executive Voice Coaching

Has your role become more public facing where you are required to speak at conferences or in challenging meetings to important clients?

Would you rather do anything other than have to address a crowd?

Do you find nerves get the better of you when the spotlight is fixed on you?

Do you wish you had more control over your vocal capabilities and sound more dynamic?

Teacher trainging workshop

Talking Voice has been working with individual clients to help address all these issues, and more, since 2007. Janet Shell is a highly experienced vocal coach whose background is as a teacher followed by a career change into the world of opera as a professional singer. Both of these careers have helped develop her skills as a highly effective communicator who has the ability to make a difference very quickly for clients.

Talking Voice understands that speaking in public can be nerve wracking and that lack of confidence is often a big driver for many people. Janet has a proven track record of helping clients find a new confidence and helping them progress forward to becoming more comfortable in this arena. Janet’s ability to establish rapport and identify how to work with each client makes her a popular choice.

What will sessions involve?

Initially Janet assesses what the client feels needs addressing and together they draw up a plan. There will follow a series of exercises to introduce vocal techniques and look at body language and effective communication skills. From this, Janet will tailor a package of exercises and activities to help guide the client in areas that are challenging.

Teacher trainging workshop

Typically, Talking Voice covers the following:

  • Identify vocal and postural habits that may be unhelpful
  • Collaborate over commonly known issues
  • Lead in establishing vocal exercises to help strengthen the voice, lower the pitch, slow down the talking rate, warm up the muscles
  • Pacing and pausing which helps the listener hear the message
  • Look at performance skills used by professionals for ease in public speaking
  • Develop a bespoke pattern of exercises to be used frequently
  • See how the vocal cords work and learn what can go wrong and why voices stall
  • Be mindful of the language choices and body language that can override the message of the speech
  • Practise giving either the upcoming speech or role play situations which might challenge the status quo, inviting the client to think and respond rapidly and positively
  • Learn to establish a positive framework when dealing with professional colleagues
  • Fine tune a professional manner in presenting

A thought from Peter Sissons...

"Public speaking. Who needs it? We live in the age of email and internet don't we? If I want to communicate, I can do it instantly, painlessly, and silently." - You couldn't be more mistaken.

The human voice is the most effective form of communication ever invented. No one ever got elected President of the United States by email. But the internet has ruined many a reputation by the speed with which rumour or innuendo can be spread. If you want to build a reputation, people want to hear from you. You may look the part, with painstaking attention to your grooming and image, but people will know nothing about you until you open your mouth.

That's why Janet Shell will take you back to the basics of finding your voice, making it work for you, and having the confidence to use it. There is no voice that can't be improved technically in ways that give you new confidence when you open your mouth to communicate. And when you do, your audience will not only hear you, they will listen to you".

Peter Sissons was a close friend a collaborator, with vast experience to draw upon. Janet often discussed her projects with him and he is sorely missed. Whilst he was not directly involved in Talking Voice, his easy manner was truly inspirational.

Teacher trainging workshop

Do you work with groups as well as individuals?

Although Talking Voice has worked with small groups (and in her education work Janet frequently and regularly works in group settings), Janet has most often been called to help an individual excel resulting in some excellent outcomes.

Where do you work?

I have my own studio at my home near Walton on Thames where I see clients but I can travel to a work space as long as it has a private room for our work together. Just ask to see if we can find a solution that works for all.

How many sessions will it take?

Clients get written feedback for each session with targeted suggestions for improvement and typically, this takes place over 3-4 sessions. Janet will be as effective in as few sessions as possible but please understand, one session alone is not enough to establish helpful patterns.

Introductory session for individuals £200 (2 hours)

Follow up session £130 (75 minutes)

Packages of 3-4 sessions £400-600 (fee for introductory session included)

  • Unite group student accommodation
  • British Airways
  • and many private clients