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The Talking Voice CD is designed to help all professional voice users cope with the demands of their work.

The Talking Voice CD...

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Introducing the new Talking Voice CD...

Fun speech exercises for improved communication and stamina

Aimed at all professional voice users, the new Talking Voice CD offers an informative and interactive way to manage vocal issues in the workplace.

Priced at just £15 inclusive of postage (within the uk) it offers wonderful value.

What can I do to engage my audience? Why is my voice getting tired as I speak? Providing imaginative answers for these questions is how Talking Voice has built its reputation.

Few people think how they use their voices as they speak, and yet if you have to speak to others as part of your job you will realise that your voice is an immediate and powerful tool. How you present yourself and how you sound create a lasting impression for others.

Using techniques gleaned from Singing Teaching, Drama and Speech Therapy, Talking Voice works in a practical, innovative and fun way to highlight how each individual can create their most effective, inspiring and enduring voice.

On this CD, Janet Shell has drawn together some of the most popular and requested exercises from her training sessions. By repetition, these can help improve your vocal stamina and you will discover how the best speakers manage to engage audiences time after time.

This CD is a supplement to TalkingVoice courses, but it will start you off on your journey. From here you can invent and develop your own exercises and you can always come back to this CD when you need some extra advice! Janet and Stephen



The CD has been created with sympatheic and relaxing background music by Stephen Crook.

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