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Are you a organising a conference? Do your speakers need help presenting their material? Talking Voice can help. Click on Tab 2 - How can we help?

Peter Sissons

Peter Sissons

A hugely popular speaker, Peter has vast experience to pass on. He can join Janet for training days.

Unsure about public speaking?...

You are not alone, but there are really effective ways to help. Contact Talking Voice...

Working with the business community

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How can your voice affect your work?...

1. Three hundred pairs of eyes look at you expectantly as you clear your throat and begin to speak with a constricted throat and a nervous shake in your voice. Your hands sweat and despite telling yourself it is silly to feel like this when you successfully make vital executive decisions every day, your body is in crisis. Afterwards you think you might have got away with it.

2. Three hundred pairs of eyes look at you and you smile confidently to put them at their ease. Your voice rings with confidence and the delegates laugh and smile as you hold them in the palm of your hand. Afterwards you are remembered for being such a "natural" speaker and your energy level gives all who listen faith in what you have to say.

Having confidence in your ability to present your speech is very telling. If you have confidence your audience is immediately at ease. The latter scenario can be YOU after working with Talking Voice on the art of presenting a good speech. Tailor made to your needs, sessions can be for individuals or groups who need to gain the skills necessary to speak at larger events.

Microphones Successful companies expand and develop, and with expansion often comes the need to deliver speeches in high level situations. Be ready for that moment with Talking Voice.

Many events are facilitated by well known personalities. One such experienced host is Peter Sissons who has many valuable contributions to offer and who can be invited to be a part of your session.

Value expressing the full range of your voice and feel your confidence build as you take charge. Optimise you vocal potential and engage your audience. Control nerves and be heard! Inspire powerful reaction in others. Channel your energy into your voice to give a sparkling performance. Enjoy the benefits of healthy and convincing speech.

How can Talking Voice help you?...

Janet in class

Speaking with confidence is vital in the competitive world of business. Are you an individual who feels you need help, or do you feel a particular valued employee is letting himself down by weakness in presentation? Perhaps you are looking to develop the skills of a large team. The flexibility and experience of the Talking Voice team enables us to adapt to a wide variety of needs.

Janet giving lecture

Talking Voice will set up workshops, ideally for a day, where participants will be shown a range of techniques to make their presentation skills better. How can you use your voice to make your delivery more interesting? How can you speak with confidence even when you feel nervous? What will give your intended audience confidence in what you say?

Janet in a fun workshop

Be prepared for active participation and a demanding but entertaining time.

The balance of performance experience, work in education, knowledge about the voice and motivational experience give the Talking Voice team a unique strength. Janet's passion for the voice and its power to be expressive is the driving force behind the team.

Peter Sissons has a vast experience to draw upon. Whilst he will not be involved in all Talking Voice activities, it is exclusively through Talking Voice that he can be asked for such advice. His easy manner is truly inspirational.

"Public speaking. Who needs it? We live in the age of email and internet don't we? If I want to communicate, I can do it instantly, painlessly, and silently." - You couldn't be more mistaken.

The human voice is the most effective form of communication ever invented. No one ever got elected President of the United States by email. But the internet has ruined many a reputation by the speed with which rumour or innuendo can be spread. If you want to build a reputation, people want to hear from you. You may look the part, with painstaking attention to your grooming and image, but people will know nothing about you until you open your mouth.

That's why Janet Shell will take you back to the basics of finding your voice, making it work for you, and having the confidence to use it. There is no voice that can't be improved technically in ways that give you new confidence when you open your mouth to communicate. And when you do, your audience will not only hear you, they will listen to you". - Peter Sissons


Creating a lasting impression (Full day)

How complete is your package?!

A Full Day of putting all your skills together and advancing your professionalism to an outstanding degree. Learn how to take your audience on a journey and have them following your every word

Who is it for? The more experienced speakers who still find they don’t always hit the mark. Anybody who would like to take their personal speaking style into the global market comfortably.

How many people? Between 5- 10 people

How much is it? £450 pp

One Step at a Time (Full day)

A guide to ‘public speaking’ aimed at relieving the stress of speaking to others if you are less experienced. This training day strips away the mystery and terror of this number one fear and gives strategies to advance personal development with time to assimilate the steps involved.

Who is it for? The less experienced manager who wishes to improve and develop the skills for leading a team.

How many people? Between 5-10 people

How much is it? £350 pp

Free the Voice (Full day)

A team building training day where Janet uses her other skill as a singer to create a performance of a song with everybody involved! The participants create a fun vocal composition and learn a separate song aiming for a great sound and clear diction. Coordination, leading, teamwork, participation and contribution are just some of the skills involved. There are many elements to be enjoyed here and this is a fun day with diverse outcomes.

How many people? Up to 30 people

How much is it? £275 pp


Feel free to mix and match these sessions to create a full day. In doing that a special price will be negotiated or leave your delegates wanting more after a morning or afternoon session to spice up their working day!

The Professional Voice

A more advanced review of your personal vocal influence. This Half Day seminar is for 3-4 people or for individuals where we look at the nuances in your presentation style and how to make sure your audience feels relaxed and enjoys listening to you, whatever you have to say.

Who is it for? Experienced speakers who will benefit from a review and from hearing a new perspective

How much is it? This specialised seminar is £295 pp

Vocal Circuit Training

A completely mad practical Half Day session designed to brainstorm your vocal energy and put you back in touch with your voice. Not for the faint hearted! Definitely for those who like fun! Incorporated into Full Day Sessions if requested.

Who is it for? Everybody who is serious about freeing their voice and associated stress. The outcome will be a greater understanding of how your voice and body work together and the session leaves a much deeper understanding of the relevance of backing up your vocal ease with some technical expertise

How many people? Up to 25 people

How much is it? £175 pp

Semaphore City

How your body language can commandeer your intended message. This half day session focuses on the hidden language we all emit and the messages we unwittingly give out. Learn how to leave a positive impression, how to ‘listen’ to other peoples’ silent words and how to help match your natural body rhythms to your speech.

Who is it for? This is a great introduction to a growing appreciation of non verbal communication. By learning some of the basics, we can elevate our own personal communication success, persuade others and know when to save time and money!

How many people? Between 10-15 people

How much is it? £175 pp

The Recorded Voice

As podcasts become more favoured and websites invite you in through video messages from Senior executives, what can you do to create the best first impressions? This Half Day (can be extended to a Full Day) is a great developmental session which introduces and analyses the particular issues surrounding close microphone speaking and leaving your mark forever in sound and vision!

Who is it for? The executive who wishes to be heard and seen in a developing market. For those more confident speakers who are ready to embrace the rigours of recorded speech

How many people? An upper limit of 5 on this course to allow for the more intense scrutiny associated with listening and watching playback.

How much is it? £275 pp

Individual Coaching (Course of 4 sessions)

Individual sessions allow a more detailed understanding, targeting your specific issues. Tailoring each session to follow up from the previous one, you have time to reflect and practise, then try it out with close monitoring and feedback! Excellent for preparing for the performance of your life!

Media Training with a Difference!...

We have devised a day which addresses the key points you need to concentrate upon so you are ready when faced with the media.

  • How do you come across on the radio or television? Two different mediums requiring different approaches.
  • What does your vocal tone convey? Do you hate hearing yourself speak? Do you get your point across in a way that encourages people to really hear you?
  • How ready are you to speak fluently about your company/policies/products? A board meeting is one thing, a television interview under pressure is quite another!
  • How do you deal with nerves?
  • Damage limitation might be the first time you face the press, how will you turn that into a positive force?
  • What is your body saying about you while you speak? Are you leaking conflicting messages? Do you know how you appear to others?
  • Why does what you wear matter on the radio?
  • What can we read from your eye movements? Where should you look?
  • How much movement is distracting on television? What clothes are not clever on TV?
  • What messages are you giving out on radio just by your speed of delivery or ability to be expressive?

If you want to experience the bustle and impact of a large studio with lights and cameras and floor managers, then stop reading now and go and find somebody else. That of course can be valuable, but we believe that while that is definitely something to deal with, the real nub of interviewing is the relationship you set up between yourself, the interviewer and the public. When the chips are down, you need to be able to say what you want, the way you wish to despite the person opposite you!

What if that person asking you those searching questions was Peter Sissons? A broadcasting journalist of such vast and unique experience would be worth training with. During his broadcasting career spanning over 40 years, Peter has and has grilled many an unsuspecting politician! What Peter does not know about being on live television and dealing with interviews is not worth knowing! Talking Voice can now bring you that opportunity!

We will set up filming, away from the television studio, somewhere to suit you, to allow you to practise - yes practise - two different types of interview.
a). The interview where the client is asked to promote their product/company - a free rolling style, pleasant interview!
b). The interview where you have been called upon to defend the product or company against adverse publicity

The morning will be taken up addressing the content and your unique delivery style. Janet will work with you on speech and performing skills relating to close - up television and radio interviews. Under her guidance, you will have a chance to discover how you sound and look and sharpen up your fluency. Details matter in media.

In the afternoon you are introduced to the rest of the team - the cameraman and, if you have opted for his interview, Peter Sissons. The rest of the day will take you through the interviews while filming the process and offering feedback. At the end of the day you can take away a dvd of your interviews or you can ask for an edited version later. This way you have something concrete to relate back to.

The day runs either with Peter Sissons in a one-to-one situation, or in groups of 3 or 4 without. Either way, you will be filmed and have an opportunity to discuss your particular needs.

At the end of the day, you stand to gain from the experience which allows you to take control when necessary and promote the best of yourself and your company. Now that is worth talking about!

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